A Few Weeks Ago News Broke That ALDI's is on a Mission to Help Us Out This Summer.

The first ALDI's in Northwest Louisiana officially opened in late November and since then the grocery store has been packed. The Shreveport ALDI is part of the crazy additions that the grocer has planned for the U.S. Aldi has added 120 new stores all over America to meet the growing demand for quality, fresh groceries at the lowest possible prices. ALDI's announced that prices will be reduced to help Americans combat inflation. According to KLTV 7, ALDI will start dropping prices on over 250 items that will come out close to $100 million in savings through Labor Day.

Alex Wong, Getty Images
Alex Wong, Getty Images

A New Major Retailer Has Announced They Also Will Be Cutting Prices to Combat Inflation.

According to 6 ABC, Target has announced it is dropping prices effective Monday, May 20th. Target plans to cut prices on around 5,000 frequently shopped items. The best part is we are seeing a lot of these items are name brand products. Many of these items are also items that many Americans will use over the summer.

Parents All Over Shreveport-Bossier Claim Their Kids Go Through So Many Groceries During the Summer Months.

Prices have already dropped and thousands more items are going to be reduced over the summer. Do you feel like price cuts from ALDI's and Target will make a difference for you and your family? Have you already seen price drops in the Shreveport-Bossier stores?

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