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Dr. Martha Whyte, Regional Director of the Office of Public Health, talks about the current state of vaccinations in Louisiana and whether COVID cases are surging to the degree they are in other states.

"Vaccine hesitancy has been an issue. The people who want it have gotten it," Whyte says, "So now we're working with the people who have a fear and (the pause in distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) has made the fear greater."

"I think (the J&J vaccine) will be back. I think it will be back soon.," she continues, referring to the J&J pause, "It's a good example of checks and balances, we have these other vaccines, we have the ability to look and see what is causing these (problems)."

Whyte then talks about the Pfizer vaccine, specifically the word that a booster shot may be necessary. "Pfizer has not come out and officially made the statement that you (need a booster). But they're thinking that six months after your last dose you'll have to have a booster.

"Of course, all of this has to do with these variants and making sure that we are remaining safe."

And how do current COVID numbers in Louisiana compare with other states? "We are seeing a slow climb," Whyte says, emphasizing that it's primarily in younger demographics, "There are about 25 out of 50 states that are climbing and some definitely more rapidly. We don't really know what's going on because very few (young) people are getting tested."

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