Lots of questions are being asked today about a robocall that went out this week in support of incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards. That's all fine and completely legal, but something happened with this call that is not legal.

Here's the message from the Mayor which he recorded earlier this week:

So what is the problem with this robocall? Well we got several texts this week from people who got the call. They claim the number it is coming from is a City Council number. In fact, KEEL News has confirmed it is the city cell phone number of Shreveport City Council Chairman Jerry Bowman.

KEEL News talked to State Democratic Party Chairman Karen Carter Peterson and she told us she would check with the company to see how Bowman's phone number got attached to this robocall. We are told all the Mayor had to do with this was record the message. He apparently had nothing to do with setting up the call or telling the company what number to use when sending out the call. Bowman also tells us he had nothing to do with setting up this call.

So, it's a bit of a mystery how the city cell phone number is the number popping up on this campaign call.

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