Crime in Shreveport has a lot of folks talking. Even Shreveport Councilman Jerry Bowman says he has attended several community meetings and many residents want action.

Jerry Bowman

Bowman says people want the Council to take a vote of no confidence in Chief, Ben Raymond. But Bowman says he's not prepared to do that at this point. Bowman says he does want to see results in the form of lower crime numbers in our community.

Bowman had this message for the council: "Why not call for a vote? I had my part of putting Chief Raymond here because I was hoping that he was in this seat because I have great, great thoughts and beliefs that you would do what we asked you to do."

The city councilman added: "I am still hoping that that is still the case, but I am being pushed by many constituents to take a vote of not confidence, but I don't want to do that at this time."

But Bowman is hearing stories about problems from many parts of our city. "I do believe there is some kind of culture in our community. I understand things happen that are out of your control, Chief. But we have to do something to change the perception in our community. They are fearful and I too am fearful in some instances."

Shreveport is not the only city battling crime problems. The Police Union in Baton Rouge has put up billboards that say "Enter Baton Rouge 'at your own risk' due to high homicide rate."

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