During this time when many of us are staying home for extended hours, lots of folks have taken up new hobbies. I've done some painting and lots of reading. But I am also venturing out of my kitchen "comfort zone".

Did a little research a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find many sources who say Peruvian food is the best in the world. Who would have ever picked that if you were asked? So I've been exploring some of the classic dishes of Peru and decided to give it a try.

I was going to try Anticuchos (beef heart kabobs) but I really couldn't find fresh looking beef heart anywhere in town (I didn't go to every spot, so I am sure I could've found it had I kept looking). So I decided to go with the classic Ceviche and another dish called Lomo Saltado which is one of the "go to" meals in Peru.

Ceviche essentially is raw fish that "cooks" in lime juice. You will find all kinds of varieties. Here's the recipe I used.

How to Cook 2 Classic Peruvian Dishes



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