SHREVEPORT, LA – Crime is the focus of a special legislative session in Baton Rouge. Lawmakers will be tackling several key bills over the next couple of weeks. Many say we will likely swing back to policies of “get tough on crime.”

Jeff Landry
Jeff Landry

Gov. Jeff Landry opened the session with a passionate speech about protecting victims.

Landry says:

As Attorney General I warned that the goal of criminal justice reform should not be about letting people out of jail, but how to keep people from going to jail. Those warnings went unheeded.  Last year I promised the people of this state, if elected Governor, I would do everything within my power to improve the safety of our communities through both legislative and executive action.

How Bad Is Crime in Louisiana?

Governor Landry says in 2021 Louisiana had the highest violent crime rate in the nation. In 2022, three of our cities were in the top 10 most dangerous cities in America. 280 people were murdered that year in New Orleans alone, earning that city the title of “murder capital” of the country.

He adds: "Last year more children were murdered in New Orleans than any year in the past decade."

Watch Landry's Passionate Speech:

Governor Landry says our police officers and sheriff’s deputies “encounter the worst. It’s time for us to give them our best. They have our backs. It’s time we had theirs.”

The Governor says District Attorneys around the state have expressed to him “ their frustration with the leniency of sentencing, and our misguided post-conviction programs that feed recidivism by constantly returning un-reformed, un-repentant, and violent criminals to our neighborhoods. The revolving door is insulting. It’s like a participation trophy for jail!”

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Landry says he want to focus on victims and he is proposing a mandatory 90-day notice be provided to the victims prior to any hearing being granted. He says this will send a message to victims that they will be heard and there will be transparency.

Landry Wants to Bring Greatness Back to Louisiana

“Louisiana was once defined by our great cities. They were gems of the South and cornerstones of our State. Over the last two years, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans have all made the top ten most dangerous cities in the country; with New Orleans making the list of the top ten most dangerous in the world. Carjackings, homicides, violent crime, and juvenile gangs terrorize our citizens there.” He says it is time to change this and we must change this.

Governor Landry Closed His Remarks to Lawmakers With This:

"To the ladies and gentlemen of this Legislature, I say, let this session be about the victims and those who protect us. Let us take back our streets for them. Let us empower our citizens to live their lives without fear and mourning. God bless Louisiana and the people we represent."

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