Louisiana faces a $1 billion budget gap this year still remains unanswered.

Governor John Bel Edwards wants to avoid making cuts to the budget, but lawmakers are having a tough time coming to an agreement over several budget proposals.

"Saying no to everything and offering no alternatives is the biggest part of the problem,” the governor said during the Press Club of Baton Rouge meeting. "I've got to have some plan that comes back from the legislature."

In July, a one-cent sales tax hike will expire, known as the "fiscal cliff", taking away $1.3 billion of revenue.

"Fixing the cliff doesn't require any new revenue next year, we just need to replace what is falling off of the books,”  Gov. Edwards said.

Here are the Governor's remarks:

"The fact of the matter is getting a 2/3 vote on any of these options is very, very difficult without leadership,” Edwards said. The Governor does want lawmakers to increase the minimum wage. He says $7.25 an hour is not enough for hard working Louisiana families.


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