Louisiana's current public health order, as issued by the Governor's Office is set to expire on Wednesday, April 28th. Today, Tuesday, April 27th, Governor John Bel Edwards will address the media and the state with what he feels is our next step in mitigating the spread of coronavirus.

The Governor has a press conference scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon and he is expected to make some changes in the current decree. One of the most widely asked questions ahead of this press conference is about Louisiana's state-wide mask mandate.

Neighboring states Texas and Mississippi have already dropped the mask mandate. Will  Louisiana follow their lead? Governor Edwards has gone on record as saying the state's mask mandate will be in place as long as health officials and statistics suggest that it remain.

Currently, Louisiana has seen significant COVID decreases. Cases of the disease in the state's nursing homes are at an all-time low. However, recent weeks have shown some unsettling increases in case occurrences in other areas. While those numbers do spark reason for concern, overall the baseline numbers, according to the Governor remain low.

President Biden has gone on record as saying he is hopeful that Americans can gather together for the Fourth of July. Governor Edwards echoed those comments as well, saying he promised his Mother that his family would be gathering for a July Fourth event.

So far, the Governor has not tipped his hand as to what changes, if any, his new public health order will include. We will just have to wait until later today, 3:30 pm to be specific, to see what our state's next steps will be as we work our way out from under the pandemic.

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