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Not too long ago I told you about studies that had found that two acids found in cannabinoids can potentially prevent a COVID-19 infection. Word has it that red wine can do it, too. Reverse sin tax, anyone?

Laugh all you want at the idea of both red wine and marijuana being a possible way to prevent infection by COVID-19, but there are actual studies that support the theory.

Several recent reports state that compounds in Cannabis may prevent COVID-19 infection.

These reports come from actual government studies. According to the summary from a preprint from the National Institutes of Health, 'Cannabidiol from the cannabis plant has potential to prevent and inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection.' Say what? Keep in mind, this is a preprint, which means this research hasn't undergone peer review yet.

So, if you spent the majority of the pandemic in a cloud of smoke and haven't had COVID yet, either the researchers are right or you were too high to get off the couch to be exposed.

Before you decide to reenact a scene from a Cheech and Chong movie, keep reading. Researchers from Oregon State University have isolated two acids, CBGA and CBGB, derived from hemp, that bind themselves to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein which in turn blocks part of the process the virus uses to infect individuals.

This is new information and no one is advocating that you go out and get high.

Clearly, more research is needed. And there's no need to stalk your doctor for a medical marijuana prescription. The compounds are available in hemp and many hemp extracts, including CBD. As you probably know, hemp and CBD products are legal and readily available in everything from clothing to moisturizers. That means you don't need actual weed which contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. However, it's pretty darn easy to get a 'prescription' for medical marijuana in Louisiana. If you want to know how, click here.

So, how does drinking red wine prevent one from getting COVID-19?

Here's the good news, all wine, both red and white, as well as champagne, can help to prevent you from getting COVID-19 according to new research. The bad news? Drinking beer and cider can potentially increase the risk of getting COVID. Keep in mind, this news might be too good to be true if you're looking for an excuse for a nightly glass or two of vino. Also, just like you don't actually have to smoke weed and can ingest CBD instead, some grape juice has been found to create the same benefits as red wine. has some great information on the topic if you'd like to read more.

What does this all mean? Honestly, we don't know enough yet. There just isn't enough research, especially surrounding the test subjects themselves in the wine study. Maybe folks who are prone to drinking red wine in the exact right amount are more likely to mask, socially distance, and/or vaccinate. I don't know about you, but the jury is still out for me. Obviously, we don't endorse or encourage self-medicating. You do you, boo!

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