The views on marijuana and the marijuana plant has changed a lot over recent years. In many states, marijuana has been de-criminalized - or at the very least possession will only earn you a citation and not a trip to jail. People are using marijuana to treat any number of illnesses and ailments. In short, it's just not as big of a deal as it used to be.

The Hemp industry has been booming in Louisiana since 2022 after lawmakers approved the sale of THC products (albeit accidentally). Medical marijuana is legal. Possession up to a certain amount is legal. Businesses have been allowed to sell THC infused products.

However, like all new things, people are still debating its merits and how much is too much. That leads up to this year's Louisiana Legislative session. Senator Thomas Pressly of Shreveport, Louisiana authored Senate Bill 237 in an attempt to outright ban all products containing THC in the state. House Bill 952, author by Representative Dustin Miller, looked to add additional age restrictions and limit portion sizes for all products containing THC.

The argument to outlaw or at least restrict products containing THC was pretty straightforward - many felt that products were too accessible and there weren't enough restrictions in place. An outright ban would have sent the budding $33 million a year industry into a spiral. However, it appears a compromise was reached - at least for this year.

What Will Be the New Laws Regarding THC in Louisiana?

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After much debate over what to do - if anything - both the Senate and House have appeared to agree on a compromise. Businesses who make THC-infused treats won't have to dramatically alter anything they are currently doing and consumers will still be able to get the products they've grown to love. So gummies, seltzers, drinks, tinctures, 'dip' pouches will all still be able to be sold and purchased. Things, for the most part, will remain the same.

However, there are a few changes to be aware of - specifically where you can buy most of these products. One of the new amendments to the current law will outlaw the sale of THC-infused beverages at bars and restaurants in the state. THC drinks have been wildly popular with those who don't want to drink alcohol. Those beverages will still be available for purchase, just not at bars or restaurants.

Another change is where you can buy edibles and the maximum THC level allowed. According to the new amendment, THC products will no longer be allowed to be sold in convenience stores or gas stations (with the exception of truck stops). It will also limit products to a 5 mg per serving limit. Under the current law, the max was 8 mg of THC per serving.

Customers must be 21 or older to purchase any product containing THC in Louisiana.

Who is Pushing for Changes to THC Regulations in Louisiana?

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Probably the biggest and loudest supporters of regulating the Hemp & THC industry is the medical marijuana business. According to them, they have to deal with all kinds of rules and regulations and the THC Edibles business does not.

For example, there are only two legally approved marijuana growers in the state and you can only get medical marijuana from specific doctors and pharmacies. Meanwhile, you can get THC gummies or other treats in dozens of shops in every town. So, I can definitely see where there would be some frustration.

With that frustration and an ever changing world, you can probably expect more debate over the marijuana industry for years to come.

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