President John Bel Edwards? Don't plan on saying that or reading that ever again.

For some, it may seem like a preposterous question at first. Would John Bel Edwards consider running for President of the United States? However, with just a little bit of thought, I could see how his run could theoretically become a reality. After all, it's not completely unlike former Louisiana governors to run for the Presidency. Looking at you, Bobby Jindal and Buddy Roemer.

Also, despite what many think, Governor John Bel Edwards has a relatively high approval rating. In November of 2020, 56% of Louisiana viewed John Bel favorably.

So, does any of this mean John Bel Edwards would consider eventually running for President? Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

This week, while celebrating his 55th birthday, Governor Edwards was asked that very question during his "Ask the Governor" radio show. With two and half years left in his second and final term as Louisiana's governor, John Bel was asked if he'd consider a run for President in the future. He shot that down quickly, essentially saying, "Happy wife, happy life.

In reality, here's what he said about running for the highest office in America:

"I love my wife and I want to keep her and I’m pretty sure I’m not running for president going forward, she’s not on board for that.”

Afterwards, he was also asked about his rumored plans to take on John Kennedy for his seat in the US Senate. Speaking about that possibility, Edwards says, "Look I’m not intending to run for any additional offices, I’m looking forward to the private sector and returning to my home in Roseland.”

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