After years and years of Louisianians hoping to bet on sports legally, we're not just a couple of months away!

This is exciting stuff. I've written about how silly it was that sports betting was not legal in Louisiana many times. It's silly for a lot of reasons, but two main reasons always aggravated me.

The first, and certainly most important, is that our state was missing out on literally millions of dollars by not allowing sports betting. The fact that our state seemingly refused to acknowledge this always infuriated me. We're talking about a state that could definitely use the money, yet refusing to to take it for whatever reason.

The second reason is the simple fact that Louisianians who want to bet on sports already do. Trust me, I know literally hundreds of people in Shreveport alone that bet on sports religiously and regularly. That's just inside my circle, inside a very small portion of the state. If you want to bet on a game, there are so many ways to do it. None of those ways lead to our state generating tax revenue.

So, naturally, when Louisiana decided to approve sports betting in our state, not just because I'm a degenerate gambler, but also it's nice when the higher-ups in Louisiana do something smart for a change.

This week, Governor John Bel Edwards made it officially official by giving the bills his stamp of approval in the form of his John Hancock.

The bills our governor has signed create the legal framework for sports betting in our state, and by signing in June, it paves the way for sports betting to be legalized and accessible in the Fall of this year.

Of course, most casinos will apply for licenses, but also sports betting can be brought to any bar or restaurant that serves alcohol and applies to obtain their license.

Exciting stuff for Louisiana, as our state is expected to receive a boost of $30-40 million in tax revenue.



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