Chris Giordano from the State Fair of Louisiana talks about the recent video of teens fighting, how it was quickly handled by security and how the safety of fair patrons was never compromised.

A fight involving a number of teens broke out at the Louisiana State Fair over the weekend. A large group of mostly young people were argument on the Fair's midway when two squared off and started swinging. SPD officers quickly separated the pair and diffused the situation.

"There was a small fight at the Fair Saturday night," says Giordano, disputing media descriptions of the altercation, "It was a small group of teenagers that had an argument...late Saturday night. Yes, there were some fists flying. Two police officers were very close to the scene and were there in a matter of seconds.

"Additional officers immediately started coming. Officers grabbed the teens, took them to the police command bus in handcuffs. They were identified...and ended up being released to their parents and they were banned from coming back to the fair and told if they came back to the fair they would be arrested.

"It was handled swiftly and appropriately (by the SPD)."

Giordano then defends the fair as safe and family friendly. "I am a father of three children. My children come to the fair. They're not in my office. They're not hanging on their daddy's arm. They go out in the fair and have a good time," he says, "Do you think I would bring my kids to an event that's not safe? I would never bring my kids anywhere where I thought there safety was compromised.

"The fair is very safe place to take your family. We take extra security measures for the safety of families...we're taking all the measures. It was a small fight with a small group...and it was handled very swiftly."

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