Chris Giordano from the State Fair of Louisiana talks about the smaller version of the annual event coming in late April.

The event, scheduled to run from April 29 to May 9, will have most of the attractions of the fall fair, including live music, family events, carnival rides (40 instead of the usual 60) and a smaller version of the annual livestock event.
"We've been working on a plan to open the State Fair for almost a year now," says Giordano, also referring to the annual fall fair cancelled to the COVID pandemic. "And thanks to the Governor, (State Fire Marshall) Butch Browning and the Louisiana Department of Health...they did allow for fairs and festivals to open."
Giordano also points out that because of the size of the State Fair a plan that was required for the event to be held was recently approved. "We're opening this April 29 through May 9 with the first ever spring State Fair of Louisiana.
"We're trimming some things back, but you'll come in (seeing) carnival rides and a midway with 40 rides. We will have an entertainment stage with live music. We will have the family attractions. We'll have a full midway...and we're working on a small livestock show.
"It's a life saver. We were getting to the point of financial collapse. We do still have some reserves left in the bank. We were able to get a couple of PPP loans. We are in decent financial shape, but yes, it's a life saver for the organization."

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