Bad news for women in Louisiana today. The pay gap between men and women is not getting any better. has put out a new report that shows women in the Bayou State make 28% less than men doing the same job.

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The business group has actually issued what they call a stop pay date for each state. What this means is the date when women have earned the amount equal to their male counterparts and in Louisiana that date is September 21.

Vermont is the best performing state. Women make 9% less than their male counterparts and their stop pay date is November 30.

The average date in the U.S. for when women stop getting paid based on the pay for men is October 29.

In Louisiana, women earn on average $37,000 dollars compared to $51,000 for men.
The worst place for women is in Wyoming where the ladies make 35% less than men. This essentially means women stop getting paid on August 26.

Texas is number 30 on the list. Women in the Lone Star State make 20% less than men. The average women in Texas makes $40,000 to $51,000 for men.

All across the country, the numbers are bad for the gals. Women don’t make a higher salary than men in any state.

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