By Michael Hollan | Fox News

This gator needs to say later to the post office.

A person visiting a post office in Florida reportedly walked into a startling sight: an alligator hanging out in the lobby. Apparently, the animal had simply walked in through the building’s front doors and was hanging out.

The sheriff’s office wrote that a trapper was called to the scene and that the alligator was safely removed. No injuries were reported.

According to the post office’s website, its lobby is open 24 hours a day, although retail operations are only available during normal business hours.

The sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook, "Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the U.S Post Office facility located at 8501 Philatelic Road in Spring Hill in reference to a 7-foot alligator roaming the lobby area."

The post continues, "The alligator was observed by a patron who came to the post office to mail a package. This post office location features automatic double doors that allow entrance into the lobby. A trapper responded and safely removed the alligator from the lobby."

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