Earlier this year, it was reported that Minden based company Fibrebond was considering leaving Louisiana and moving to Texas. The company expressed concerns over state infrastructure and poor bridge conditions. The company allegedly was receiving pitches from several cities including locations in East Texas.

Earlier today, Fibrebond President and CEO Graham Walker sent out a letter announcing the future of Fibrebond. In short, the company is staying put and looking to invest and expand their operation in Minden.

Below is the full announcement letter from Walker:

We have made a decision about where Fibrebond will operate and invest going forward.

First, let me say thank you. I’ve heard from over 100 employees regarding our potential move. Conversations in the plant, emails, texts from concerned spouses…it’s humbling to realize how invested people are in Fibrebond's future. It happened 21 years ago when our plant burned to the ground. It happened in 2015 when our business changed nearly overnight. And it has happened again as Fibrebond has gone through this public process to protect our future. You all have not wavered, and the strength of our team has shown itself in the face of adversity.

As I said in last week's update: Fibrebond has been fighting to stay in Louisiana, not fighting to leave. I committed that if Louisiana would support our work with public infrastructure, we would pass on the significant economic incentives offered by others.

We now have that support from the State of Louisiana. This morning, I’m proud to announce that Fibrebond will continue operating and investing in Minden, Louisiana.

In addition to the support of Fibrebond’s team, I am thankful for the community support we have received. I tell our customers frequently that Louisiana, specifically the Northwest part, is a great place for our business. I’m more confident than ever in that statement.

Senator Ryan Gatti and I have worked closely for 2 years on issues impacting our future in Louisiana. I can’t say enough about the time and effort he’s put forth, and I’m proud he’s our Senator in Baton Rouge. I hope that continues to be the case going forward. Without Ryan and his tenacity, this process could have ended differently. There’s been no stronger advocate for Fibrebond.

Thank you to Governor Jon Bel Edwards, Secretary Shawn Wilson, and Secretary Don Pierson for their hard work and prioritization of this project. The Governor's phone rang often thanks to Fibrebond employees, and I appreciate his support of a Louisiana-grown business. This is only one of many challenges the State faces, but for us it was the most important challenge. And Dr. Wayne McMahen, our local representative, deserves thanks for his creativity in coordinating an important part of the solution that kept Fibrebond in Louisiana.

Next Thursday, October 3, an announcement with more details will be hosted at Fibrebond. But given the impact on our lives and our community, I wanted to inform you of this decision as soon as possible. More information to come, but thank you again. It’s my privilege to work alongside you all.

Best regards, Graham

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