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Former professional boxer - and now trainer - Blake Franklin talks about his career, his love of the sport and why it's tough to quit.

In the first part of the interview the Shreveport welterweight says, though he's been a boxer since the age of eight, explains his "love - hate relationship" with the sport. "There are times when I can't stand it," he says. "There are times you can't stand going to the gym. You can't stand getting up and running. You can't stand the diet. But it always pulls you back. For's what I've done my whole life. It's part of what defines me."

Franklin also talks about how hard it is to retire, once and for all. "I would have been happy with my career years ago and never coming back," he says, explaining why he took his more recent bouts. But as Franklin continues, he talks about reasons to leave. "For me, it about Father Time. I have a daughter. I want to be able to annunciate my words...when she's (older) I want to be able to walk he down the aisle."

In part two, Franklin talks about his latest endeavors, including training younger boxers at his own facility. "It's great!" he says enthusiastically, "I needed to make my own name as a trainer, so I opened Trouble Boxing Gym (after his nckname as a fighter). "I like it a lot more than I thought. In fact, I absolutely love it. And when you're away from it, you always feel it pulling you back."

To find out more about Franklin and Trouble Boxing Gym, JUST CLICK HERE!


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