No agreements have been made yet on Shreveport's proposed dog park, but the city council and other city officials met yesterday to talk about alternatives and options for the dog park.

City Councilman Jeff Everson told 710 KEEL it was a productive meeting, but it started to turn a little sour.

"Unfortunately, shortly there after, it quickly turned into the mayor [Cedric Glover] pleading his case, again," Everson explained. "I think the public's heard his case before and it was unfortunate that's he's sort of stepped in and continued to plead his case."

His case meaning the lawsuit Mayor Glover has been fighting from the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance to officially accept the Red River Waterway Commission funds for a park.

"I think he's a little bit angry," Everson added.  "I think he wants the council to get him out of the lawsuit he's currently facing."

Last week, Mayor Glover and the city attorney introduced a repeal resolution to repeal a resolution passed last year for the city to accept the dog park funds.  The Dog Park Alliance wants the mayor to sign the original resolution.

"If we were to change the legislation the lawsuit is based on, it would allow it to go away," Everson noted.  "But we're not a party to that lawsuit and we feel that is not our responsibility."