Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the tragedy of the terror attacks in Afghanistan and calls the decision to use the Taliban as security for US military personnel "crazy."

"We say, 'thank you,'" says the Congressman, when asked what could possibly could be said to the families of the 13 killed in the attacks, "Our prayers are with our troops, allies and friends and all those on the ground in Afghanistan.

"All of this was totally predictable, totally avoidable and such an extraordinary tragedy. And it's going to continue, unfortunately, because we have no leadership in the White House."

Here's what Congressman Johnson told KEEL:

And what about numerous reports that the US had cooperated with the Taliban, counting on the known terrorists to provide security from another terrorist organization, ISIS. "(Thursday) was the deadliest day for our troops in a decade. The Taliban is running checkpoints. Did they allow these suicide bombers through? They are a terrorist organization themselves. ISIS is claiming responsibility, but it's like having two bad cops in charge.

"The Taliban is trying to...put a facade on this and there's a simple reason for that. They need money from the international community to run this country they've just taken over There's hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and they know if they act like the terrorists they are,...they're not going to get that funding. They're trying to pin the responsibility on someone else. They, themselves, are at least partially responsible for this.


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