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Storms moved through Northwest Louisiana last night in a southeast direction, but there hasn't been enough rain to help officials in Beauregard Parish fight the recent wildfires that have been engulfing the region.

Some much needed rainfall fell across parts of the state over the weekend, but state Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain says the state continues to battle more than 100 fires a day. Strain says lighting strikes are starting some of the fires.

“We had one in St. Tammany Parish, 200 acres burned in just a few minutes, then it rained and we were able to get ahead of that fire,” said Strain.

Despite a statewide burn ban, Strain says they are fighting some big fires in and around Kisatchie National Forest and Fort Polk.

“Some of these fires have been started by people burning debris, if you violate the burn ban, you will be ticketed or arrested, you are responsible for whatever damage happens,” said Strain.

The largest wildfire in Beauregard Parish has consumed more than 33,000 acres. According to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, The Tiger Island Fire is 50% contained.

But without any measurable rain, Beauregard Sheriff Mark Herford says the Tiger Island Wildfire will likely burn until they get some good, long rain, which is not in the forecast anytime soon.

“The trees are so dry that the fire starts run up to the top of them and then it starts burning the top and then it starts jumping from top to top,” said Strain.

After eight straight days of fighting these wildfires, Herford says his local firefighters are to the point of exhaustion. He says they are receiving help from outside of Louisiana.

“Nobody in our state has had to address a fire like this,” said Herford.

Strain says arson could be the cause of multiple wildfires that devastated the area near Union Hill in southwest Rapides Parish. Strain is asking for the public’s help in finding the culprits.

And 41-year-old Ryan Miller of Independence was cited for criminal negligence for starting a trash fire that got out of control and burned more than 170 acres near Amite.

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