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Corey Bourgeois, head of the Louisiana's Cyber Crime Unit, talks about the dangers of cyber criminals targeting children and why, given massive social changes in America, your kids are more at risk than ever.

Bourgeois explains that because of a combination of parents working from home and children distance learning, youngsters, spending even more time on their computers, are under attack by digital pedophiles more than ever.

Bourgeois then gives hints for parents to follow and red flags to look for in their children's behavior that may be cause for legitimate suspicion.

Bourgeois also emphasizes that his department has been working harder that ever - and with great success - in fighting these criminals. Since the COVID-19 public health emergency was declared, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Crimes Unit has seen a 200% increase in online sexual predator cases, Bourgeois explains, adding that despite this surge and a need for more resources to help with these investigations – the CCU has gone above and beyond to bring child predators to justice, pointing to three arrests recently made by the Attorney General's Cybercrimes unit.

"We're all learning through this new normal," Bourgeois says, talking specifically bout what precautions parents should take, "And like any parent, any person with little ones working from have to have that family time, we need to bring the family unit back. It's been in my experience that you cannot leave a child in front of a computer screen all day...but we need to parent and make sure they know the dangers of being online, because once you get on the internet, you're not in your house anymore."


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