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Comic book movies are ramping up in our post-COVID movie world. Marvel movies have been setting records at the post-pandemic box office, and its not going to slow down any time soon.

Now when we say "Marvel movies" we have to start breaking out which ones we're talking about; the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the new Sony Venom-verse. Because Sony is now rolling out their own slate of Marvel movies after the success of Tom Hardy's Venom movies.

But without too many spoilers, it looks like those two movie universes are going to collide anyway.

Next up for Sony appears to be their Morbius movie, based on the Spider-Man affiliated anti-hero vampire Morbius. The upcoming movie will star Bossier City native Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius. Check out the trailer here:

Morbius has been a villain, and a hero, inside the pages of Marvel comic books. Hence the label as an "anti-hero". But giving him a movie, and possible franchise, with his name on it, probably means they're going to take a heroic route on the big screen. Similar to (again, no spoilers) Tom Hardy's Venom.

Because in the comics, Venom starts as a villain prior to making a change to a hero after the character became popular with readers.

Now we can tear apart this Morbius trailer, and find all the connections to the MCU's films, or to other Spider-Man characters who are snuck into the 2 minute and 51 second video. Or we can just sit back and enjoy a Bossier City guy getting to become a Marvel star...let's do that.

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