Valentine's Day just weeks away, so if you haven't already - it's time to put together your master plan for romance.  There are a few variables to this celebration: Will you have flowers?  Jewelry?  Both?  What about chocolates?  Long walk in the moonlight?  Whatever your plans end up containing, you will almost certainly eat with your sweetie at some point on February 14th.  Luckily, one of the most romantic late night / early morning breakfast spots wants to be your Cyrano De Bergerac.

The Waffle House on East Texas is now accepting dinner reservations for Valentine's day, and is even offering to dim the lights in order for you to achieve maximum flirtation.  This is a no-brainer - nothing says I love you like hash browns, sausage, and waffles.

Click here to find out more about the "Love at First Bite" moment you and your sweetie can have at Waffle House.

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