Are you a Louisiana mosquito magnet? Do this pesky bugs always find their way to your arm if you are outside?

My Daddy used to tell me skeeters like me because I was so sweet. But that's not quite the truth. Research from Healthline now shows mosquitoes might be attracted to you because of your blood type.

Female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite and that's because they need the nutrients from your blood to help their eggs develop.

What blood do skeeters like best? Type O blood is five star restaurant for mosquitoes. They go after Type O blood folks twice as often as they hone in on people with Type A blood. Those folks are the least likely to be bitten by a skeeter. If you have Type B blood, you're an "ok" meal, but not the preferred choice.

How do these tiny insects know your blood type? Experts say 85% of people secrete a chemical through your skin that tells your blood type.

The CDC says mosquitoes also pick up on the carbon dioxide you exhale. So if you are a heavy breather, you might also be attractive to the bugs.

And we have some bad news for pregnant women. You are the number one choice for mosquitoes.

What can you do to keep mosquitoes at bay? They don't like to bother dealing with hairy folks. So if you are hairy, you might not be a top target.

The body parts they go after first is your hands and arms.

What you are wearing might also impact how often you get bitten. They are more likely to go after you if you are wearing red, dark blue or black.

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