There are literally thousands of apps available for free in the Google Play Store, but there's a certain set of apps I use almost daily that come in handy as a radio broadcast engineer.

Below are my top five. There may be one or two that will help you out next time you're in the field.


  • Surpax Technology Inc.
    Surpax Technology Inc.

    Super-Bright LED Flashlight

    A handy flashlight app when you find yourself in the dark.

    This small flashlight app has come in handy when the flashlight is still in the truck or the battery goes dead on your old trusty Maglight. It has a strobe feature too with a simple on/off switch. It uses your phone cameras flash to light the way.

  • HootSuite


    Social Media Organizer

    Several streams and feeds to login to and scour through everyday seems daunting. This app helps me see all my social networking sites at a glance like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It also is easy to compose and send to specific accounts, schedule posts and keep up to date with what's going on.

    It's recently been useful for me to monitor Twitter feeds during severe weather, such as @SWEPCoNews and @NWSShreveport. It also gives me a direct link to folks I might not have the opportunity to pick up the phone and call directly, like Shreveport's @MayorGlover.

    For a larger list of the folks I follow on Twitter (@mrtroyjjones), go here.

  • ilogic innovations, LLC
    ilogic innovations, LLC

    Ohm's Law

    Calculate Ohm's Law values and test yourself

    Sometimes you've got to go all electrical on something. Calculate Volts, mAmps, Ohms and mWatts with this easy calculator.

  • Maciej Grzegorczyk
    Maciej Grzegorczyk


    Track satellites and point dishes with ease.

    Our modern broadcast facility is very dependent on satellite signal feeds for programming. This app helps you make sure you're pointing in the right direction -- literally.

    Just pick your satellite out of the list and it can use your camera to show you where in the sky to point your dish.

  • farproc

    Wi-fi Analyzer

    Find signal strength, channel information and trace Wi-Fi signals.

    Ever wonder what channel you're Wi-Fi is broadcasting on and who's on the other ones near you? This app can show you, plus display the signal strength and even trace to a Wi-Fi source. It even graphs and lists all Wi-Fi sources around you.

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