SHREVEPORT, LA – When you find a great company to work for, it really makes going to the office every day a bit easier. Some big corporations do a great job at making the office a welcoming environment.

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You have probably heard some great stories about companies that go above and beyond for their workers.

How Many Great Companies From Louisiana Make the List?

There are a few of the best in the nation right here in Louisiana. 3 companies based in south Louisiana make the 2024 list of the "best companies to work for" in the country. This list is put together by the folks at U.S. News & World Report.

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The list includes 300 businesses that have had at least 75 reviews on Glassdoor by U.S. users over the past few years.

What Are the Qualifiers?

⚫ Quality of pay and benefits

⚫ Work-life balance and flexibility

⚫ Job and company stability

⚫ Physical and psychological comfort

⚫ Belongingness and esteem

⚫ Career opportunities and professional development

“Prospective and current employees understand the significant impact their employer has on their quality of life,” Carly Chase, vice president of careers at U.S. News & World Report, said in a statement with the release of the new list. “Whether a new grad seeking a company to launch their career, an established professional looking for a change or an HR professional researching the strengths of their company and others, Best Companies to Work For provides a central space to see which companies are meeting their employees’ needs best.”

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Three of the 300 spots belong to businesses in the Bayou State.




Baton Rouge

Health Services

Amedisys is a health services company founded in 1982.This large company employs 19,000 people.



Lamar is a media company founded in 1902.This small company employs 3,550 people. Lamar is based in Baton Rouge.



Covington, Louisiana

This is a consumer products and services company founded in 1980.This medium sized company employs 6,000 people.

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