You would think that films like The Terminator series, or novels like 2001: A Space Oddity (also made into a film) would have made us think twice about super powered artificial intelligence. But you would be wrong.

A new artificial intelligence (or A.I.) program called ChatGPT was released in November of last year, and its already being molded to replace people. With companies like Google already looking at ways the bot can replace people. Which has of course, caused a stir.

You may have seen backlash over A.I. art on social media, as these new A.I. bots can create artwork for fake movie shots, fake magazine covers, or fake scenarios with realistic looking people. However all of these fake images are just using other people's work, and mixing it together. The A.I. doesn't actually create things, it just remixes them. This whole concept has evolved into a mass fight with creatives online.

AI-DA Robot Makes Speech To The House Of Lords
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After reading a recent Business Insider article on the power of A.I. to replace people, its actually becoming even more worrisome than we previously believed. It also helps us understand just how naïve some of our peers are when it comes to this technology.

In 2013, University of Oxford predicted that 47% of US jobs could be replaced by A.I. within 10 years. Which means that prediction comes due this year. While it hasn't exactly happened the way they predicted, we absolutely appear to be on that path. Maybe not in 2023 as they predicted, but maybe in another 10 years at this rate.

If that is the case, here are the careers in Louisiana that need to be worried first:

Here Are 17 Louisiana Jobs That A.I. Will Probably Replace

According to Business Insider, these careers are the most at risk to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, or A.I.

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