Camels seem to be having bad luck in Louisiana lately. Just last month a camel at a truck stop in the state ended up getting bitten in a VERY sensitive area. KEEL covered that entire story and even got a video HERE.

Well, just days before the Louisiana State Fair, a heavy storm struck the Shreveport/Bossier area, and heavy winds caused damage to several local places, including the fairgrounds.

Robert and Erin spoke with Chris Giordano to go over the specifics of the upcoming State Fair (Oct. 24th-Nov 5th) and he explained that the wind caused damage to several of the tents that had been set up. Of those tents, one that got blown away, were housing the famous two-humped camels.

According to Giordano, as the winds carried the camel's tent away, one of them ended up getting hit in the head with a tent-pole and knocked out. Giordano went on to explain that, as soon as possible, they were able to find a veterinarian that was qualified to treat camels out of Haughton. After checking up on the huge animal, the vet gave the beast a clean bill of health, and the camel will be ready for the fair.

If you happen to have a camel in the state of Louisiana, you may do well to put a horse-shoe around it's hump.

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