The story about the woman biting the camel in South Louisiana might not be all it was cracked up to be. The owners of the Tiger Truck Stop have released video showing more about this story.

On the video you can see the Florida couple trying to retrieve their deaf dog from the camel cage before the big hump back animal got scared and sat on the woman. She then bit the camel's testicles to get free.

But police say 68-year-old Gloria Lancaster and her 78-year-old husband Edmond Lancaster stopped to feed their unleashed dog when the pup scurried under the fence into the enclosure. The footage shows the Florida-area couple not notice where their dog went until it was inside the cage with the camel. In the report, they claimed the camel attacked the dog, but the video does not show that.

Gloria Lancaster suffered moderate injuries. She is now facing criminal trespassing charges.

On the video, you can also see Edmond Lancaster shoving and pushing the camel after his wife escaped.

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