Volunteers from across the state including Shreveport hit South Louisiana late Sunday (8/29/21) night, and have been helping with clean up throughout the night. Volunteers from the Shreveport Volunteer Network parked in Thibodaux Louisiana Monday (8/30/21) morning and were welcomed with open arms.

In the video you can see some of the devastation with downed trees, and missing roofs. The SVN are planning on clearing the streets of debris, drop off water bottles and other supplies, and generally help out with any issues caused by the storm. Ida hit South Louisiana hard early Sunday afternoon, and videos and pictures of the high winds and rain began flooding social media.

SVN Co-Founder Tommy Giles talked with us about his trip to the Houma Thibodeaux area.

Hurricane Ida made landfall as a stronger storm than Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully New Orleans and other towns and cities seemed to be more prepared for the flooding. More updates are coming in by the minute. Keep it on KEEL for more updates and videos from the damage in South Louisiana.

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