Yesterday I was visiting with a good friend of mine and he told me a hilarious story. Louisiana State Representative Henry Burns said that his house was always full of kids. They came and went, and he was just happy to have his children hang out at his house so he could keep up with them.

There was a young man who had been watching TV with his children for a couple of days who he didn't know. When dinner was served Henry turned to his children and said, why doesn't somebody introduce me to that young man in the living room. One by one they answered, "I don't know him."

Nobody in the family knew the youngster and yet he'd been at the house on and off for three days. Henry immediately went into the living room, introduced himself to the young man, and found out he was new to the neighborhood. He let himself into the house when he saw all the kids running in. He just joined in.

Henry said he was delighted that the young man chose his house to hang out in, and did he want to join them for dinner. The young man said yes, and he's been visiting Henry's home ever since. That was 30 years ago, and today he's part of the family.

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