Have you ever had a conversation with someone that started like this: "Well, back when I was a kid." One day my Uncle Marv told me a story that started that very way.

"When I was a kid, I had the chance to buy a secondhand bicycle from the kid down the road," Marv explained. "I wanted that bicycle so badly it's all I could think about. I saved every penny that came my way. Finally, I saved the money needed to buy the bicycle and raced down the road to claim my prize. That's when I discovered the bicycle only had one pedal."

"I was heart broken, but wanted the bicycle so badly I bought it anyway. I 'd try to keep up with my friends riding with one pedal. What a sight. Pedaling as fast as I could with one leg on one pedal, as I watched the gang pull away. By catching pocket gophers and turning them in to the county for a dime, I finally saved up enough money to purchase the missing pedal. Being a farm kid this was an acceptable way to make money.  With the missing petal replaced on my bicycle I was finally able to keep up with the guys."

That was the only bicycle Uncle Marv ever had as a kid. Did he love it? You betcha! Times might have been hard back when we were kids but nobody can take the memories that we carry with us though time. I can just envision Uncle Marv pedaling with all his might riding the bicycle with one petal.  It makes me smile.

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