Ever have one of those days when things just don't quite click? You go to get a cup of coffee and something went wrong with the coffee maker and coffee is leaking everywhere, running down the front of the counter and making a puddle on the kitchen floor.

And something is making a funny noise.

You go to get the paper and the paper person threw it on the grass where it soaked up every drop of water from your irrigation system and fell it apart in your hands. What is that funny noise?

Then, as you walk through the house you discover that the dog got sick during the night and left you a little surprise. I think that noise is water running. While diving for a ringing telephone, you stub your toe and think it might be broken. And the phone call was just a telemarketer trying to sell you something.

Oh, that noise is the toilet that nobody flushed is backing up all over the bathroom floor. Did I happen mention that it was my birthday?

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