My husband has a service buddy who lives in Minnesota. He's one of those rough, tough guys who's been shot twice, been in a few bad car wrecks, plane crashes, etc. One day he fell off a ladder and cracked his skull open. He was rushed to the hospital where he remained unconscious.

The doctor and nurses didn't expect him to recover, telling his son that he'd probably be a vegetable. "You don't know my Dad," the son said. "He'll come through this."

After they left the room, he suddenly opened his eyes. His son said, "Dad, this is Howard. Do you know me?" Continuing, he said, "Your name is Larry Perrit. You live in

Wilmer, Minnesota. You're in the hospital in St. Cloud."

When the nurse returned, he told her the good news. "Impossible," she said. "It's true," Howard answered. "Talk to him."

The nurse asked, "What's your name?" And with a mouth full of tubes he mumbled and stammered out his name. When asked where he lived and where he was, he again mumbled the answers.

The nurse turned to Howard and incredulusly said, "This is impossible! You coached him and I'll prove it." She turned to the man and said, "Mr. Perrit, who is the President of the United States"?

Larry Perrit looked right at her with his mouthful of tubes and mumbled plain as day: "Don't remind me!"

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