I happen to be a food junkie. I love to experiment. Love thinking outside the pot, love cooking for family and friends. I watch most of the cooking shows. My husband once told me I had 21 cooking shows recorded. Somewhere along the way I discovered the very best way to grill a steak to perfection.

You never see a great Chef poke a steak with a fork or a meat thermometer when grilling. You see them touching the steaks. You may be thinking, 'what are they feeling for?' I'm happy to answer that question.

Take your finger and touch the front of your chin. That's what a rare steak feels like. Now, touch the end of your nose. That's what a medium steak feels like. And for those who prefer their steak well-done, touch your forehead. How easy is that?

So, break out the grill and impress family and friends with your amazing steak cooking know-how. And when they ask how you do it, just say it's all in the touch.

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