The Fourth of July is over, so why are all those flags still up in downtown Shreveport? The Downtown Development Authority says it's because right now, downtown is actually Washington, D.C.

Millennium Films' new Gerard Butler / Aaron Eckhart thriller "Olympus Has Fallen" (formerly "White House Taken") is being filmed around the Caddo Parish Courthouse in the coming days.

The movie is about a lone Secret Service agent protecting the President from terrorists. Downtown Shreveport will sub for the nation's capital.

You may have also noticed that a full-scale replica of the White House being constructed across from Centurylink Center in Bossier is nearly complete. That's where exterior shots will be done. (The posted picture is the last one I took of the construction site, but an updated one is coming soon.)

Because of that filming, we have some downtown Shreveport traffic advsories for you. On Monday, July 9, there will be interruptions of traffic on Texas Street between Marshall and Common from 9AM to 11:30AM, 1PM to 4:30PM and 6:30PM to midnight.

On Tuesday, July 10, traffic will be interrupted on Cotton Street between Louisiana and Texas from 7AM until noon, as well as on Common Street between Crockett and Fairfield during the same time frame. From 1PM to 7PM, expect traffic interruptions on Texas Street between Marshall and McNeill, on Marshall between Texas and Milam, and on Milam between Marshall and McNeill. And from 2PM to 9PM Milam Street will be closed between Marshall and McNeill for special effects.

Expect the possibility of gunfire and explosions, but don't be alarmed.