We have a new film project coming to town. It's a movie called "Dakota's Summer," a family film about a girls' trick horse-riding team. Local Film Office Director Arlena Acree says a production team is coming in this week to set up offices.

"We've been scouting rodeo arenas, farm houses and things like that," Acree says. "They found some magical locations when we were scouting, and that's why we got 'em."

Some of the production will be done at Millennium Studios, which -- according to its Facebook page -- is taking applications for various roles, but there's no word on any major players yet.  Acree says the Millennium team is pleased with the response so far. She also says there will likely be a chance for YOU to be part of the action.

"Legacy Casting is going to be doing the casting on that one," she says. "And I'm sure they're going to be looking for a lot of extras to fill up the rodeo arenas and things like that."

But that’s not the only project coming to town soon. Acree tells KEEL News she should be releasing info on another project, hopefully by the end of the week, that the film office just landed.

The big issue is whether the state legislature will approve big cuts to Louisiana’s film tax credits. She says that would devastate our local film industry. I’ll be chatting with her tomorrow about that, so make sure to tune in to Keel Morning News from 5:30 until 9 a.m.