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Keel Dirty Dribblers — Woo’s World
Did you know that at one time Keel Radio had a basket ball team named the Dirty Dribblers? The Dirty Dribblers played in just about every gym within 100 miles of Shreveport. One year in the seventies the Dirty Dribblers  played 106 basketball games. There was hardly a school anywhere that didn't req…
Teaching Mardi Gras Newbies the Ropes — Woo’s World
I had a great opportunity a while back when I was invited to help host a busload of tour directors that came here from all over North America  for a convention. They were here in Shreveport and Bossier City looking for future convention sites and tour bus destinations.
Tricks to Creating a Garden for Giants – Woo’s World
Anyone who likes to garden will tell you the secret to gardening success is in the soil. My friend and fellow Master Gardener Billie Carroll of Shreveport came up with a recipe for improving her garden soil that pays off with giant vegetables.
Lemons Turn to Lemonade – Woo World
This is one of those human interest stories that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you read it. It seems there's a young man living in Detroit who wants to do something about the state of his city.
Where Are the Car Keys? — Woo’s World
The vacation was great! Lots of eating, napping, more eating and talking about old times. But mostly eating! Then, suddenly, the night before we leave Minneapolis I sat straight up in bed and said: "Where are the car keys?"
Our car is in Dallas. We're in Minneapolis. And w…
Detroit Boy Donates Lemonade Stand Profits to City — Woo’s World
This is one of those human interest stories that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you
read it. Nine-year old Joshua Smith of Detroit wanted to do something about the state of his city. So the young boy set up a lemonade stand near his home in the hopes of raising $1,000, which he would p…
How Was the Flight? Very Bumpy! — Woo’s World
It seem like every time you take a plane trip, friends ask, "How was your flight? Well, I'm about to answer that question about our flight to Minnesota to see relatives. And let me say, it was interesting to say the least!