It seem like every time you take a plane trip, friends ask, "How was your flight? Well, I'm about to answer that question about our flight to Minnesota to see relatives. And let me say, it was interesting to say the least!

On our way to Minnesota for a family vacation, we missed our flight out of Dallas. Our gate was changed and we didn't hear it, so instead of being two hours early for our flight, we were five hours early!

Everything seemed to be going fine until we read our tickets and they read 14 C and 14E. With 14D, right in the middle beingvacant. We felt we could ask the person who got 14D if they wanted to change with us so we could sit together.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, but we had a hunch who would end up getting the seat between us the minute he boarded the plane.

The plane shook as he walked. He was very tall, very large and very, very round. We quickly learned that he apparently spoke little English. This man was going to sit in 14D! Well, technically, all of 14D, half of 14C and half of 14E!

Our next adventure was landing in Minneapolis. We heard the wheels go down, the plane slowed slightly and started to land. Then, out of the blue, the wheels went up, we went up and banked hard left.

I heard The Big Guy say "Oh no, not this" as it looked like we were headed straight for the big buildings in downtown Minneapolis! The pilot then announced on the intercom,"we're taking a little detour around the airport, there is traffic on our runway".

I looked at The Big Guy, we exchanged a sign of relief and laughed that I discovered he could speak English after all!

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