Did you know that at one time Keel Radio had a basket ball team named the Dirty Dribblers? The Dirty Dribblers played in just about every gym within 100 miles of Shreveport. One year in the seventies the Dirty Dribblers  played 106 basketball games. There was hardly a school anywhere that didn't request that the Dirty Dribblers come around and play a game, and Keel did it all for charity.

The team consisted of radio announcers and some "ringers." Well, quite a few ringer come to think
of it. Ex-college players who were really good. The Dirty Dribblers played donkey basketball, wheel chair basketball and all kinds of crazy basketball games as long as it was for a charity.

When the  Dirty Dribblers were not playing for charity, they played for real - in league and tournament play. My husband got a technical foul called on him one time for "unsportsmanlike looking." The team ended up with three players on the floor in the last of the forth quarter. Everyone else had fouled out, but The Dribblers still won.

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