The vacation was great! Lots of eating, napping, more eating and talking about old times. But mostly eating! Then, suddenly, the night before we leave Minneapolis I sat straight up in bed and said: "Where are the car keys?"

Our car is in Dallas. We're in Minneapolis. And where did I put the car keys?

We went through suitcases, carry-on bags, pockets, purses and, yes, even the bag of dirty underwear. No keys! Panic set in! I knew I messed up big time! What do you do when your car is in Dallas, you're in Minneapolis and you have no car keys?

Option number one: Find a Dallas dealership near the airport, have them tow the car to the dealership and have the dealership make a new key hopefully by the time we land there. However, this option would cost about $400. Option number two: Call AAA. But they won't tow anything without us being there.  We don't want to stand around in the Dallas heat for hours, so get rid of this idea.

Option number three is the biggie. My husband goes through his travel bag one more time and...the illusive keys were found! Who put those keys there anyway? Not me! Come to think of it, I just saved him $400. As a reward, I think I'll go shopping!

Next time on Woo's World: the trip back to Shreveport.

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