My Girl’s Name is Now Number THREE Most-Popular
I never consulted a list of most-popular names before I picked out my daughter's...but shortly after she was born, I found out Emma was the number one girls' name for that year. Since then, the name has dropped a little further down the list, being replaced by Emily the following year...
It’s a Big Week for Bossier Parish Schools
At 1 this afternoon, a special D.A.R.E. graduation takes place at Plantation Park Elementary. Fifth-grader Montrell Delaney is blind, but was able to complete the course thanks to an especially dedicated teacher. Suzanne Wilson transcribed the entire 33-page dare booklet into Braille so Montrell cou…
$1,500 Found in Blanchard Treasure Hunt
Two women, who work at Barksdale Federal Credit Union in Blanchard, have found Blanchard's Poke Salad Treasure.  Neil Kalberg says Brittney Burt and Theresa Ryan will share the $1,500 after finding it with the fifth clue on day five today.

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