I admit it. I'm from Alabama, and transplanted to Texas.  So, there are many Cajun names native to Louisiana that I can't pronounce, and one of them is Atchafalaya.

I had to read that word in several newscasts this morning, and I think I missed it two out of three times.  An astute listener, who says he choked on his coffee when I miss-pronounced it probably from laughter, sent me a link to a site called  "Atchafalaya National Heritage Attractions,  so I could see and hear the pronunciation for THAT word.

It's a great Louisiana website and reference for all things Louisiana. In fact, the video finally pronounces the word, Atchafalaya several times towards the end.

I learned that it's pronounced, A-CHA-fa-LIE-a.  Thanks to Scott Johnson for sending me this link.  It really is a pretty cool place to go for fun facts about Louisiana.

I'm discovering that just as Texans think Texas should be its own separate country, Louisianians think the Bayou State is a country all its own.   Now, what's that word again?