Meet Max and Andi. They are currently dating.  Not much to that right?  Just a wait moment. The story of their first date is something that will surprise you.

Max Montgomery and Andi Traynor spent their first date at the beach in Santa Cruz, California.  While enjoying their time on the beach, Max had a heart attack. Imagine how scary it would be if the person you were on a date with (and the first date at that) had a heart attack.  What would you do?  Thankfully, Max made the choice to go out a date with a doctor. Yep, Andi is a doctor. She performed CPR on Max which saved his life. Now they are dating.  You really could not skip out on calling her after she saved your life.

Personally, I hope their relationship works out because that is a great "How I Met Your Mother" story. Even if they don't work out they will never forget that date.

Unfortunately for me, my most memorable date wasn't one for the story books. The guy that picked me up for our date fell asleep while watching Wonder Woman at the movie theater. I will never forget that. Who falls asleep to Wonder Woman!

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