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Even though we reached low temperatures down into the lower teens the past several days, we have actually been fortunate that this recent arctic blast wasn't worse.  Because the precipitation ended when it did, we didn't experience a huge build up of ice on tree limbs and power lines that have proven disastrous in past storms.

And though most people in the Arklatex didn't lose power this time around, winter certainly isn't over yet, and more below-freezing cold temperatures are predicted in the near future.  And I just came across a life-hack that could possibly even save your life.

The Facebook page Old Recipes That Stir Childhood Memories recently posted tips on how to stay safe during cold weather, including why you should put a quarter in your freezer.

How a Quarter in Your Freezer Might Save Your Life

Here's how it works~  First, freeze a glass of water.  Then:

  • Put a quarter on a glass of frozen water and place it in your freezer 
  • After a power outage, check the cup with the quarter in it 
  • If the quarter is on top of the frozen water, your food did not defrost and it's safe to eat 
  • If the quarter is in the middle or bottom, your food defrosted and refroze and might not be safe to eat. 


It's actually so simple, it's genius.  As the post says, "if the quarter is still on top, then nothing defrosted and you're good to go. If it's at the bottom of the cup, that means your food defrosted and refroze and is likely not safe to eat it."

Sounds like common sense but this is something I've never even thought about.  It might not be a bad idea to keep this in the freezer all year round because it isn't necessarily just ice storms that cause us to lose power.

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