We have been on KEEL for a little more than 5 years and have had some very memorable guests and conversations during those years.
Recently, we started keeping a list of some of the best quotes ever spouted on the show. In no particular order, here are some of our favorites.

"That's enough to piss feller off." Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator uttered those words a few years back. I'm not really sure what the topic was at the time, but I think we were discussing criminal justice reform in Louisiana.

Another memorable line came from Lloyd Thompson, head of the local chapter of the NAACP when he said "I ain't mad about that yet." He was referring to the street names in downtown Shreveport like Travis and Fannin former slave owners who died at the Alamo.

Our onetime producer Matt Parker came up with a line that he used on a weekly basis directed at me "You butcher the great American Songbook". This refers to my singing early in the morning which is one the ways I help wake myself up.

"Tank top gym shorts umbrella" Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser telling Robert what he should wear to an outdoor wedding in New Orleans during the summer.

"They mandate we install equipment that doesn't exist then fine us when we don't install it. Brian Bond from Swepco talking about EPA rules that make it nearly impossible to exist.

"Cluster doodle" is our nickname for Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson who one day on the air talking about Elio Motors called the deal a "cluster #$%^". We had to beep that one out, but we've called him cluster ever since.

Senator John Kennedy comes up with some homey one liners from time to time, but our favorite is "Don't talk bad about my Momma". He was referring to anything said about himself is ok, just leave his Momma out of it.

"Let me say this to you" is one of State Senator Greg Tarver's favorite lines. But we might have to change this out since he recently told us he naps in coffins at his business.

We are not really certain who said this, but think it came from State Representative Alan Seabaugh: "The Governor is playing chicken with the lives of seniors." This came during the debate over the budget and the so-called fiscal cliff.

I went to Baton Rouge Magnet High School rather than my neighborhood school. One of the reasons I decided to venture off to the unknown was because of my 4 older brothers. The one just older the me was very bright and a member of the National Honor Society and all that good stuff. But here's what I said about the others before him: "My brothers left skidmarks on the underwear of that school."

If you are a regular listener, you know that I often mix up metaphors. One of the greatest flubs ever was the morning I said they were keeping their "Ear to the grindstone". These just pop out. They are not planned.

Over the years, I've tried different diets and one time I was off of meat during a cleanse and out of the blue, I spouted this famous line on the radio "I'd kiss a stranger for a ribeye" That just how much I missed beef.

Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller once said this "I'm not giving you a puppy until you can take care of a goldfish and the city has killed every goldfish we've had." This came during the debate over the garbage fee.

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