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In most years, the New Year’s holiday is an occasion for big crowds of people to gather and ring in the new year. But this year, well, as 2020 winds down and we turn the page to 2021, celebrations are likely to be much more subdued and socially-distanced due to the seemingly endless Coronavirus pandemic..

But in this new world with new rules - rules that seem to change moment to moment - what are the ideal conditions for New Year’s Eve celebration? According to the personal finance website, WalletHub, that depends on a variety of factors. Those metrics include safety, COVID-19 cases, quality food delivery options and costs. In order to determine the best cities for counting down to the new year, WalletHub compared the 100 biggest cities based on 15 key indicators of an enjoyable New Year’s celebration.

And in this strangest year of all years, is it any surprise that New Orleans, usually thought of as the partying-est city in America, came in dead last?

Yep, Louisiana's Crescent City, according to WalletHub's metrics, finished 100th out of the 100 measured cities. The City that Care Forgot finished in spot #98 in the Safety and Accessibility category, which considered COVID cases and deaths, crime and security and traffic safety (DUI related fatalities and injuries).

And perhaps most shocking of all, New Orleans  (New Orleans, for God's sake!) came in 78th out of 100 for Entertainment and Food. Here WalletHub considered "restaurants offering safer alternatives to in-person dinning such as delivery or takeout. This composite metric refers to restaurants rated 4 stars or higher that offer delivery and takeout," plus food and liquor costs.

WalletHub's Best Cities for New Year's Eve: 

1Virginia Beach, VA
2Honolulu, HI
3Plano, TX
4Fremont, CA
5Irvine, CA

WalletHub's Worst Cities for New Year's Eve

96          Hialeah, FL

97          Boston, MA

98          Detroit, MI

99          Miami, FL

100        New Orleans, LA

To see the complete WalletHub report, Best Cities for New Year's Eve, including a breakdown and analysis of stats and metrics, JUST CLICK HERE!


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