Despite the recent - and rapid increase if the price of gasoline here in the USA, we in America are still paying substantially less that a number of nations around the world. Motorists in almost all European nations, for example, because of little domestic production and incredibly high taxes, fork over more than twice drivers here in the states. In fact, drivers in some of Europe's largest cities - Amsterdam and Oslo, for example - paying nearly three times more at the pump.

According to most energy analysts, the biggest factor in the difference in prices between nations is governmental policies. For example, while American drivers pay a mere eighteen cents a gallon in federal gas tax (plus state taxes), a number of  European countries tax gas heavily, with those taxes making up as much as three-fourths of the cost.

Meanwhile, the price in the most of the major oil-producing nations remains low, not only in the oil-rich Middle east, but even in amidst the hyper-inflation in socialilism ravaged Venezuela.

Which Countries Around the World Pay the Most and Least for Gas?


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