SHREVEPORT, LA - The solar eclipse will be here before you can blink an eye. It will happen on Monday, April 8. Thousands of folks will want to watch it. But you do need to have special eclipse glasses to avoid damaging your eyes.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

What Happens During a Solar Eclipse?

The moon moves in between the Earth and the sun and it will look like it's the same size as the sun. During the peak, or what's called totality, the moon will block the view of the sun for a few minutes. It is very rare and quite strange looking.
How long it lasts depends on where you are watching it from.

Where Is the Path of Totality?

Shreveport Bossier is not too far from this path, but the best viewing spots in our region are in northeast Texas. Many people are already scouting out the best places to be to get a great view. But remember, if it's a cloudy day, that could also have an impact on how good you will be able to see it. The peak time is 1:07pm. But the folks in Canton, Texas say the best time to spot it there is just before 12:30pm.

You can click here to view the interactive path.

If you want to take photos of it, you might wanna check out some tips from NASA.

Where Can You Get Eclipse Glasses in Shreveport Bossier?

Several places are already selling the glasses. You can find them at the following spots:

Crockett Street Trading Company (free)
Circle k
Home Depot
SciPort selling them
Learning Express
Channel 3 (free while they last)
Barnes and Noble
Shreve Memorial library branches will have glasses available at watch parties. Click here to get all the info.

You can click here to watch it online if you can not view it in person.

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Scenes from the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

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